Paris to Venice on a night train

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Since 2011, two of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris and Venice, are connected by the night train Thello, a private company that decided to give a chance to this way of travelling that is getting abandoned for low cost flights.

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Leaving Paris in the early evening, the night train will take you across the Alps to reach Venice at sunrise.

The best way to enjoy the ride is to go wander in the train to the restaurant wagon with a good book and sip some wine before going to sleep in your cabin. Sometimes the train can be full of international travelers, which makes the restaurant very busy. People are often starting a conversation with the person sitting next to them while they are waiting for their meal, which makes the encounters unique.

On week ends, some musicians are playing nice jazz music in the restaurant, and you can enjoy some free samples of French and Italian regional specialties, selected by Nicola from We Deliver Taste company.

Always remember that when you take that train you are in the right mood, because it is not the faster way to travel and you know it so just relax and think about the beautiful landscape of Venice, its bridges, market places, churches, and all the gondoles boats that can take you around the peninsula. You understand why they call it “Serenissima”!

If you get hungry, the tradition is to hop in these small pubs or tapas bar called cicchetteria, where they serve small bites with cheese, fish spread, meat on a piece of bread and of course the popular Spritz, with a bitter liqueur made out of artichokes: Cynar.

Venice has always been visited by merchants from all around the world, and it settled a strong drinking tradition. You can see locals drink wine from morning to dawn, and for us Parisians the prices are so cheap! Dangerous place!

Even though Venice is a very touristic city, like in Paris, it holds many options to get of the crowds and enjoy the quiet streets and gardens, museums and bars that will soon be condensed into a guide that you will be able to download on this website!