Craft Beer in Paris

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Welcome to Paris beer lovers!

It is now possible to find excellent local craft beers in France and in Paris!

For so long we have been ignoring this beverage amongst all the products we were promoting. The food scene has encountered a revival recently, with our will to eat better then we also want to drink better.

Microbreweries started popping out in France from 250 to 1100 in 10 years and even though most of them are using American recipes to start their production, we have some really good breweries that you should all check out next time you plan a trip to France.

Our Paris beer tour is probably the best way to discover the new craft beer scene in France and take notes of the top beers that you might want to bring to your friends as a nice souvenir.

During our walk, we will see how this new movement is taking over a neighborhood, having several bars where to drink good beer on tap, a microbrewery that only uses organic malt and hops, and the most unique bottle shop where you can find beers from the best independent breweries in France the USA and Europe.

For two hours of time, you will try up to 4 different beers and meet the people that made it possible for Parisians to access to such good products.

We can arrange tours for small groups or big groups, depending how seriously you take your beer or how you just want to socialize. Both should work well.

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