Food tours for sweet tooth – 3 Hours walking tour – 70€ Adult, 50€ kids up to 12

  • Visit the oldest candy shops and try authentic French sweets

  • Explore the most beautiful secret passages of Paris

  • Pick a classic pastry from the bakery and enjoy a nice break in the park

  • Possibility to book a baking class with one of our partners

Farmers market classic French food  – 3 Hours walking tour – 80€ Adult, 50€ kids up to 12

  • Try three different French cheeses from the specialized shop

  • Taste your favorite specialty (foie gras, escargot, rillettes) with a nice fresh baguette and some wine

  • Get the list of our favorite eateries in the most pittoresque neighborhoods and experience a proper meal at the restaurant

Don’t forget to bring your beret and filet bag !

Discover the French Microbreweries – 2 Hours walking tour – 35 € Adult

  • Enjoy the view over the canal with a nice French crafted beer

  • Visit a city scale microbrewery and try the beer that uses 100% local products

  • Try bread made with spent grains

  • Drink one last beer from one of our most newest French breweries

Shopping Made in France – 2 Hours Walking Tour – 50€ Adult

  • Find the nicest souvenirs to bring back home

  • From Food to postcards, second hand or new

  • Small shops only, Made in France or in Europe

  • Support small chained economy

Please let us know what specific things you are looking for !

Chocolate wonderland – 2 hours walking tour – 80€ Adult

  • Visit three of the best artisans chocolatiers shops

  • Try their most delicious creations from ganaches to pralinés

  • Learn to appreciate the different flavors from beans origins

This is an experience for real chocolate lovers, if you bring kids, book the Food tour for Sweet Tooth

Special Diets Food Tour – 3 Hours Walking Tour – 90€ Adult and for kids

  • Try one of the best Gluten free bakeries

  • Check out the fanciest Vegan eateries

  • Specialized grocery stores

  • Get a list of places to go for more of these spots

Make sure you book your accommodation in the 11th or 10th quarter of Paris for this kind of food scene, it will make your stay much easier

All those tours have been imagined for the pleasure of both travelers and the local guide, so that you really share an experience together.

You will be immersed in a real local activity, and not only you will take this memory back with you but you will also leave a good mark in the community.

Payment by Cash or Paypal money transfers !